How I Manage Blogging with a Full Time Career

24 July 2016

Something a little heavy on the blog today.

'How do you blog and work full time?'
A question I have been asked one too many times so I've decided to give you amazing readers some insight on how I manage this little blog of mine.

I started my blog during my first full time job as a production assistant in 2013. I was always used to juggling a few things at once. At university I juggled looking after my son, a part time job (working in a betting shop - best 3 years of life mate! Jokinggg!) and interning here and there. So when I finally settled into a full time job I wanted something else to keep me going. And that's when Virgos and Kisses was born.

In the early days of Virgos and Kisses I could blog when ever I wanted. I had a pretty easy breezy job. I was able to write during lunch, go to events and exhibitions after work and take outfit pictures on the weekend. 

Now... It's totally different.

I have a career now. So the blog unfortunately has taken a little backseat. 

If you've been following me for a while you would have noticed the lack of consistency from my first year up until now. Some months I didn't even blog. But I found a way that keeps me in the game and still have a career.

So here are a few things I try to do to manage VK.

1. Keep up to date
Even though I am not physically posting I am always up to date with my favourite bloggers. The Bloglovin' app and Instagram is how I do this. The fact that I can keep up to date with blogs on the go, whether it be on my commute to work or a spare 5 minutes (I secretly have the bloglovin' site open on my second screen just because) makes it all worthwhile. Keeping up to date with your favourite bloggers, commenting on posts, liking posts and just showing your face is still classed as blogging. 

2.Weekends are your best friend
... and sometimes worst
Weekends are usually the only time I am able to take blog pictures, attend events and write. And weekends are just about the only time my Mr. is able to shoot for me as he sometimes works on Saturdays. It can be a negative too as weekends are also the only time I really have to spend with my son and chill, but because I am dedicated to VK I will always make it work.

3. Have a Rhythm
I used to blog once a week without fail. Even if it was just a little message I always wanted you guys to know that I'm still here. But now a little message is a lot of work for me. So I keep to a minimum of 1 blog post a month and to me that's consistency. You don't have to blog everyday or even every week. If you have a rhythm you can keep to, your readers/followers will find that rhythm along with you.

4. Shoot Multiple OOTD
My Mr. hates it when I shoot more than one outfit at a time. As per point 3, the weekends are usually when I shoot my outfits. I usually try and shoot 3-5 outfits in one day. It's a lot but it's worth it in the long run. You then have a lot of content to last you a month or two in my case.

5. Use your Daily Commute
I try and be as real as possible with you guys and I love when bloggers are the same. So anything that comes to mind I type into notes on my iPhone and always keep it for an upcoming post. Some things are too REAL and I have to keep it back. But a lot makes it on here. Use those daily commutes wisely - they come in handy!

6. Scheduled Posts
I literally have the longest list of blog posts that I have curated on my commute to work, at work, while watching TV and so on. And I try to work on one at a time. Hence this post - it's taken me three days to write (she says while typing from her iPhone 6 on the train - and now the final edit is being edited while at a grade session - actually the final edit is today (Sunday) while eating Sunday dinner). SEE WHAT I MEAN!

7. Enjoy It
There was a time when I wasn't enjoying blogging which I wrote about here. That's probably why I stayed away for sometime. And in reality it was the perfectionist in me that wanted to keep up with the full time bloggers who post everyday/week. But I knew that couldn't be me. I don't believe you can have it all. But I do believe if you master one thing properly you will kick ass at it. Right now I don't want to be a full time blogger. I love my career and worked fucking hard to get here. So although VK is a job within itself, I love it just how it is. 

If you have a full time job/career which isn't your blog I would love to know what you do too!


Can I just say I am loving bardot tops and mules at the moment!
Snapped this bardot top at and it was the last one! Yayness.

And let's talk about these New Look mules for a sec.  I've promised myself not to purchase cheap shoes as they never last!  But New Look are on fire at the moment! I bought these off asos and bagged an all black pair with a smaller heel in store on Friday #winning

Top - | Collettes - Espirit via asos | Mules - New Look via asos (sold out - nude version here) | Sunglasses - Sugar and Style (Box Park Shoreditch)

Happy Sunday peeps!


  1. Great post! Blogging is an evil mistress, especially with the game being so strong, a lot of pressure on us part timers. My worst habit that I hate is having to use stock photos. Want to have a day where I lay out all of my posts and take all of the relevant pictures.

    Georgina Clarke Blog

  2. #4. Multiple OOTD
    This is my way of life, like I cannot cope any other way. I'm so fast with coming up with my outfit combos and thankfully I've got access to thrift shops.
    I can relate a lot with this post. Loves.

    1. Btw,

      --> Blog:-

      --> YouTube:-

  3. Great post. If work full time and find it a struggle to keep up with writing posts, taking photos, editing and replying to emails. My life feels life work, blog, eat, sleep repeat at times! But I do it as I enjoy it. Credit to you for creating such a great blog around looking after your son, spending time with your partner and working. Thanks for sharing ��

  4. I love this post, you give very helpful tips. I've been loving Bardot tops too!



  5. <333 such amazing post!

    love the whole outfit

    Karolina Gespucci

  6. I work full time and have two children and I use a few of the tips that you've mentioned to help me remain consistent. I think what has really helped me is the fact that I carry a little notebook around with me and actually USE it. LOL! It's been a tremendous help and also keeps me out of a lot of creative slumps.

  7. Love your blog and have been following for the longest time!
    Can definitely relate to this!



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