Social Media Addict or Enthusiast ?

21 August 2016

I am a huge social media whore. Guilty as fucking charged! From the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. It's an addiction, an unhealthy one, but one that I love so much! I am the peeper/creeper follower. It's very rare that I interact on social media unless it's via the blog or on Facebook as that's where most of my real life friends/associates are. Instagram is where I love to draw inspiration from and I have to admit I am stalker-ish when it comes to a dreamy insta account. And snapchat... well let's chat about snapchat for a minute. You know when people say 'Don't drink and drive'... well... I shouldn't drink and snap. Yes... I am the drunk snapper. I'll send through 100 snaps in one night due to alcohol intake and the more alcohol intake the more snaps. It's actually embarrassing yet entertaining. 

But enough about me and my embarrassing social media faux pas. How ADDICTIVE is social media? 

The truth is - social media is moderately fake and heavily constructed. There is no way around it. We post things on our social sites that we want people to see... FACT. But on the plus side it allows us to communicate and get messages out to the masses that we wouldn't have been able to do by word of mouth or even paid promotion. I for one love social media as it allows me to connect myself to bloggers and influencers in a way that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. I am able to talk about my blog to people on the other side of the world (which is fucking cool that someone in Australia is loving my blog - thanks babez) and catch up on what my friends are doing when I'm not there (which sometimes can be a bad thing as I slightly suffer from FOMO). That's what makes it so damn addictive! But I ain't mad at it! Hands up if you have a social media addiction... 

So let's chat about this outfit for a minute. Cami/Slip dresses have the staple piece this summer - not complaining. I love them. Since Kendal Jenner (bore) rocked the t-shirt and slip dress combo everyone has been going crazy for this look...including me. I snapped this monochrome beauty up while browsing for holiday attire on asos. Thanks asos ! always knows how to steer a girl away from her motive! I paired this look with these FACKING amazing Dr Marten sandals. I have been wanting these for the longest however it's pretty hard to part with £95 on a pair on sandals that you'll only wear a few times a year. But the temptation gave in  and now these are all mine!

Cami dress, sunnies and Dr Marten sandals - asos | T-shirt - Primark

Guys! The next time we chat I'll be in Vietnam! Yay and talk soon! x 

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