Top four travel accessories I can’t do without

13 October 2016

Over the years I’ve travelled to a lot of different places, and you don’t manage to make it back again without having certain tips and tricks to keep yourself organised. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, what country I’m heading to or what my budget is, there are always a few accessories I simply have to take with me. I’ve listed my top four travel must-haves below, and I hope they give you some inspiration for your next trip, and help you stay stress-free when it comes to packing up.

  1. Statement sunglasses
I always take a pair of statement, over-sized sunglasses with me no matter where I’m headed. If it’s for exotic climates then of course they provide vital sun protection, but if you’re heading for snowy landscapes they can still come in handy, as you might find that the light often blinds you when the sun bounces off the snow. Plus, let’s not forget how useful they are at covering up those jet-lag induced bags under your eyes. Make sure you get a good quality pair that have a scratch-resistant coating.

  1. My charm bracelet
Whether a seasoned traveller or not, you’re bound to get homesick. That’s why I like to take a piece of my family with me, such as my charm bracelet. When I look at it I remember all the occasions I received the charms and who gave them to me, and it gives me a sense of comfort when I’m missing home. Plus, it adds that little touch of sophistication to any outfit, and if you take a look at the ChloBo website like I did, there are charms, metals and styles to suit everyone. 

  1. Cute travel wallets
I have always found that having a travel wallet keeps me organised. I can keep my passport, boarding passes, tickets, currency, hotel bookings and so on, all together in one handy place. You don’t have to worry about losing any paperwork, and these days, they don’t have to be boring either! There are some really cool and unique designs on quirky sites like Etsy and Not on the High Street, so go take a look and pick your own! 
  1. Toiletry organisers
Whenever you go travelling, not only do you have to try and make the most of the space available to you, but you have to keep everything together so you can easily pack up, as you’re moving from place to place. Toiletry organisers can be a god send in this situation, as they have separate sections for make-up, skincare and so on, you can hang them off the back of a door so as not to clutter the sink area, you don’t need to unpack a thing, and most importantly, they prevent any spillage disasters in your suitcase.

I hope you found this list helpful. What travel accessories can you not do without? Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment in the section below. 

*This is a collaborative post with Chlobo

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  1. I have to have a blanket of some sort, sun glasses, my headphones, and definitely a toiletry organizer as well. I purchased one from Marshall's a while back and I can't understand how my travels ever went smoothly without one. LOL! There's a lot of other essentials that I have, but I didn't want to turn a comment into a mini blog post. LOL!


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