The Man Repellant Mules

21 December 2016

Isn't it strange how some men get repulsed by the most stunning and gorgeous items of clothing? It's almost like they don't get it, they don't get fashion, they don't get style and they don't get you! I came to that conclusion when I snap-chatted these gorgeous mules on my snapchat a few weeks ago. Literally two-thirds of my snapchat private messaged me to tell me how ugly they were and most of them were men... typical.

'Tinfoil shoes', 'paper mache' and loads of other insulting words were used to describe this work of art. However, that didn't phase me because I bought them. HA-Fucking-HA. 

I legit had a cinderella moment when I tried on these h&m mules. My friend Beth who was with at the time wasn't fond of them when I first picked them up, but when I tried them on she knew I had to buy them. There's something about an ugly shoe that you have to try them on to understand why they work. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find these mules on the h&m website and I haven't seen them in a store since I bought them so I put together some other options which are just as sassy!

Right Now
Laying in bed... No work until the New Year bitches!

Last Week/This Week
Apart from fighting the dreaded cold/flu that has been going around, it's was my last week at work until next year! Whoop-de-doo! I usually never take the week before Christmas off because it's always so chill. But starting a new job I had to take my remaining annual leave... so here we are! Last week had been a manic week to end on, so happy to get some well-deserved rest!

Looking Foward to...
I want to say Christmas but I'm not. I hadn't bought a single present until two days ago. I feel like each year I'm becoming more and more unorganised. I miss the days when I had Christmas shopping completed by the end of November. I hate that I've become this person that leaves shit like this to the last minute. Makes me feel like I haven't got my shit together!
So... what I am looking forward to is a much-needed break. 


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