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6 March 2017

Just like this cute ass jacket.

I'll paint the picture for you. My colleague told me about the missguided sale (no I'm not plugging them). And although I keep telling myself to stay away from the cheaper online stores, I can't resist a good sale. So... I'm browsing the site and I saw this beaut. For only £31... LIKE WHO WOULDN'T BUY IT? Mate, this was probably the fastest purchase I've ever made (that's a lie but you get the idea). And when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and how cosy it was. I'm probably going to get a few wears out of it before I have to retire it for summer but I'm bloody looking forward to wearing it when it gets colder! I paired it with my mom jeans and a cream knit jumper but I reckon an all black outfit would give it that extra pop!

This weekend was probably the first time in ages that I switched off and just enjoyed myself. So it was so nice when my friend Vicky called me on Saturday morning to meet up for a coffee and catch up, plus I talked her into to shooting this outfit post... bonus 😝. 

We're both south gals so it was an easy decision to venture into Brixton. Considering Brixton is literally up the road it's rare that I ever go there for social purposes. I desperately wanted to take pictures in central Brixton, especially since it's become gentrified, it would have been the perfect backdrop to debut my new purchase. But... I'm shy and posing in central Brixton while Vicky takes pictures of me gives me huge anxiety. So we opted for a quiet road... I don't know how some bloggers do it but I would die everytime some walks past when I'm taking blog pics so imagine doing it on a busy Saturday in Brixton. .. 

Jacket - Missguided | Jumper  & Boots - Zara | Mom Jeans - Forever21


  1. That coat is amazeballs! Looks so good on you! And girl I totally get you on taking pics out in public; I was the same when I first started but now I'm immune to the looks and stares. I hardly even notice them when I'm in my zone trying to give my best but bismal Naomi Campbell impression whilst desperately hoping the camera captures what I think is happening in my mind lol.

  2. L O V E this jacket! You look amazing, lovely pictures :)



  3. No wonder you snapped up this coat, it's fab! Love how you've styled it too. x

    Kate Louise Blogs


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