Floral & Lace Vibes

22 May 2017

Can I just start this post off by saying how ahhhmazing this weather is! I'm literally in love... There's something about the sun that makes everyone happy and brings out the best in you. I wake up with a smile on my face with the sun is shining through my window. Pure bliss...

Outfit chat babes!

For some reason, I tend to shy away from colour during the summer and keep it simple. Black is an obvious choice but I may add accents of colour here and there. Hence why when I saw this cute ass dress from H&M I had to have it, it's very floral something that isn't me at all but I'm seeing floral print everywhere so it would be a sin not to jump on the bandwagon lolz. 

This summer I'm steering away from maxi dresses only because they do nothing for my shape, however, a maxi wrap dress is a win. As I mentioned in my last post wrap dresses does wonder for my figure, and hides the shit I don't want y'all to see. I've also been experimenting on how to wear spaghetti straps because I hate my showing my arms/shoulders. I love the tee and cami dress trend and you can definitely incorporate that trend with these kinds of dresses. I bought this lace top from pretty little thing to wear under a slogan tee for festival season but when I paired it with this dress it felt like the perfect fit. Covers me in all the right places but shows enough to still make me feel sexy. 

Dress - H&M | Lace Top - Pretty Little Thing | Shoes - Public Desire

Until next time babes x

Off-Duty Essentials

19 May 2017

If anyone asks me what I feel most comfortable in it has to be off-duty attire. Give me a pair of comfy trousers/jeans and a tee any day of the week and I'll be the happiest girl alive. To be honest, we're pretty much prone to wearing suitable attire on a day-to-day basis so we don't offend our colleagues, clients, friends or anyone whom we shall pass on our travels. Although, saying that I do love a glam!

However, this sudden bi-polar weather is perfect for off-duty styling. To be honest, whatever the weather is perfect for off-duty styling. I find that the neutral and minimal tones make me feel more relaxed and most comfortable. I've been lusting over these Maniere De Voir lace up jogger recently. Perfect for dressing down and even great for a date night with the Mr. (just slap on some kick-ass ankle boots or stilettos and you're good to go). If you know me, then you know I LIVE for a flatform. Supergas are the most comfortable flatforms on earth, 100%, the perfect off-duty essential. Paired these with a long sleeved loose tee and a draped long line cardi, you're ready to tackle our British summer. 

What's your off-duty essential?

I hope you enjoyed this post in collaboration with Maniere De Voir 
Until next time!

Festival Season Vibes

8 May 2017

Hey, babes! I know… these posts have been few and far between. I feel like every time I say I'm coming back with a bang some shit happens (queue woe is me comment) that makes me too busy to even think about this little blog of mine. The reality is other priorities has taken precedence as this blog doesn't make mama money.

So enough self-pity bull. We've entered a new month! How is it that we're almost halfway through the year and we only celebrated the New Year like yesterday! How did that happen? In all honesty, I'm not prepared for summer. Not only because I'm not #bodygoals but I'm not ready to give up the long sleeve tops, jeans, BLACK and layering. I also enjoying shaving my legs and pits every other month and ignoring my grown out mani-pedi for weeks because who the fuck is really going to see my toes?!

But. I am looking forward to the festival season. 
Bring on, the day drinking, sexy and hip clothes, food trucks and endless dancing with your favourite people. 


I'd like to think I'm a practical gal when it comes to festival dressing. Minimal fuss with an edge. I see a lot of girls who literally go all out… headdress and all but I can't deal with that shit. I just want to have a good bloody time. Who has time to make sure shit is in place when you're dancing your favourite tunes?

Dresses are usually my go to for festival dressing. Something light and airy and nothing too clingy. Shoes of choice have to be my trusty oxblood Dr Martens or white battered converse. Black is usually an obvious colour only because I'm clumsy as fuck so drink spillage is a given. And a lightweight bag that will carry all my necessities. 

Browsing the Missguided website, as you do. I came across this cute little tea dress. I've suddenly had a thing for tea dresses becasue they work for my body shape as they hide all the lumps and bumps as well as accentuates my body in the right places. This dress is definitely going to hit the festival season with me this year. And it's perfect for a summer BBQ or for evening drinks. 

Dress & Bucket Bag - Missguided | Boots - Asos 
A few festivals I'm attending... 

GALA Festival - Sunday 28th May
The newest one on the list but a beast in its own right. This festival legitimately puts the two things I love in one space. FOOD and MUSIC. And yes all festivals have food and good music but this festival has some shit hot food stalls like Honest Burger and Chicken Shop. It's going to be a banger and the fact that it's a hop, skip and a jump away from me helps too!

Garage Nation / One Dance - Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July
If you're a South Londoner and/or a garage head this is definitely one for you. Held at Streatham common, GN festival spans over two days giving you the best in garage, drum&bass and house. I've been twice now but never on Saturday (which is the ultimate garage day) but it's always a vibe.

51st State - Saturday 5th August
I went to the very first 51st State festival back in 2015. Literally the best festival I have ever been too. It was an impromptu decision to go as my friends and I managed to get hold of tickets at the last minute. We also managed to jump the queue because of our tickets and avoided the dreaded two-hour queue. I can't tell you why it's my favourite festival to date but I just remember the vibe being amazing.

What festivals are you gals attending this year?

In other news - Lemonade & Vodka is coming to town!
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