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22 May 2017

Can I just start this post off by saying how ahhhmazing this weather is! I'm literally in love... There's something about the sun that makes everyone happy and brings out the best in you. I wake up with a smile on my face with the sun is shining through my window. Pure bliss...

Outfit chat babes!

For some reason, I tend to shy away from colour during the summer and keep it simple. Black is an obvious choice but I may add accents of colour here and there. Hence why when I saw this cute ass dress from H&M I had to have it, it's very floral something that isn't me at all but I'm seeing floral print everywhere so it would be a sin not to jump on the bandwagon lolz. 

This summer I'm steering away from maxi dresses only because they do nothing for my shape, however, a maxi wrap dress is a win. As I mentioned in my last post wrap dresses does wonder for my figure, and hides the shit I don't want y'all to see. I've also been experimenting on how to wear spaghetti straps because I hate my showing my arms/shoulders. I love the tee and cami dress trend and you can definitely incorporate that trend with these kinds of dresses. I bought this lace top from pretty little thing to wear under a slogan tee for festival season but when I paired it with this dress it felt like the perfect fit. Covers me in all the right places but shows enough to still make me feel sexy. 

Dress - H&M | Lace Top - Pretty Little Thing | Shoes - Public Desire

Until next time babes x


  1. The mix of textures looks so gorgeous! Love this dark take on spirng florals x
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  2. Love this! So edgy and cool bur stills sexy with the lace and slit girl! Yaaassss xx

  3. You look AMAZING! <3


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