Off-Duty Essentials

19 May 2017

If anyone asks me what I feel most comfortable in it has to be off-duty attire. Give me a pair of comfy trousers/jeans and a tee any day of the week and I'll be the happiest girl alive. To be honest, we're pretty much prone to wearing suitable attire on a day-to-day basis so we don't offend our colleagues, clients, friends or anyone whom we shall pass on our travels. Although, saying that I do love a glam!

However, this sudden bi-polar weather is perfect for off-duty styling. To be honest, whatever the weather is perfect for off-duty styling. I find that the neutral and minimal tones make me feel more relaxed and most comfortable. I've been lusting over these Maniere De Voir lace up jogger recently. Perfect for dressing down and even great for a date night with the Mr. (just slap on some kick-ass ankle boots or stilettos and you're good to go). If you know me, then you know I LIVE for a flatform. Supergas are the most comfortable flatforms on earth, 100%, the perfect off-duty essential. Paired these with a long sleeved loose tee and a draped long line cardi, you're ready to tackle our British summer. 

What's your off-duty essential?

I hope you enjoyed this post in collaboration with Maniere De Voir 
Until next time!

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