It's Politics Babe...

25 June 2017

I don't have one political bone in my body so this post is purely to show off this snazzy tee and obviously to show you where my allegiance lies. Big up to Pie and Fash for putting me on to this tee. 

A minute of silence for these silver bullets, please...
Who remembers when these were £60 10-15years ago? I bloody do! We all know fashion takes a 360 every decade, however, who said it could come back ten times more expensive? Whoever has a plug a Nike holla at your girl because I want the gold too lolz. 

Tee - Ebay | Skirt - New Look | Trainers - Nike via JD Sports

In other news... 
I've moved jobs. You're now looking at the new Creative Video Producer at That's right babes... ASOS! This year has been the most challenging and has testest me to the core, in my career and my personal life and this move to asos just feels right. I can't explain it but I actually feel like I've found my feet and my professional life is actually going right for once. Anyhoo... just wanted to share that little bit of news. 

What's good with you babes?

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