Farewell Virgos & Kisses

11 September 2017

This has probably got to be the hardest post I've had to write for Virgos & Kisses.
I almost cried.
No lie.


I've been thinking about Virgos and Kisses for a hot minute now and the routes I'd like to take it. 
I've fought with myself so many times on how to maintain it, is it worth it? Should I give up now - all those thoughts, just going through my head...

I started Virgos & Kisses in 2012 and it literally was my saviour
I was in a complicated place and wanted a positive outlet to be happy and free. 
But now I feel like I've outgrown VK. 
I don't get excited about outfit posts and creating content anymore. 
I will literally start writing or thinking of outfits and then give up because I'm not feeling it. 
And to be honest, I want to be more vulnerable and open to talk about serious topics that mean so much more to me than what I picked up on sale or the bargain I got at Topshop.
I just want realness now. 

 I'm going to be 30 in just a few weeks and I've realised even more now that VK was a representation of my 20s. 
I'm not that 20 something girl who is still trying to find her place. 


I'm so much more confident than I've ever been and feel the blog doesn't represent my growth as much as I would like it too.

So this is my GOODBYE.

I've LOVED every little part of this blog. 
I've enjoyed creating content, putting outfits together and the endless photoshop editing. 
I've read every single comment and when I would look at my stats I'm still shocked that people actually read what I wrote.  Actually gets me gassed EVERY DAMN TIME!

So thank you to everyone who has read, commented, followed and continued to show me love even when I took a hiatus.
Thank you to my family and friends for taking my blog pictures even when you didn't want to, and supporting me by reposting and commenting via the social. 
And a massive thank you especially to my Martha, Nica and Mani, whom I practically turned into my personal photographers, putting up with my 5 outfit changes (in one day) and the off the cuff calls to shoot blog content. 

But most importantly I wanna thank myself. For being so fucking brave and starting this blog.

You'll see me soon! 
And if you wanna hit me up you can follow me on my socials below
Instagram: @GalLikeMichelle
Twitter: @GalLikeMichelle
Snapchat: GalLikeMichelle

or drop me an email

Bye Babes! 
It's been fucking real!

*just in case you forgot what I look like :P

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