Name: Michelle Hung
Birthday: 22nd September.... 80s/90s baby!
Located: London Town


Michelle xxx


  1. So nice to meet you!
    I just came across your blog! I am now following! I look forward to keeping up and getting to know you better!


  2. I'm so glad I found your blog, its amazing ! My birthday is on the 14th Spetember, and sometimes I'm just like " yeah my birthday is the 4th September yeah like Beyonce's!" lool :'D

  3. Hi and well done on your blog. I'm a Virgo too with the same birthday as Beyoncé. My son ironically says that she's his real mum but as I make great chicken burgers, he will settle for me 😛. We are the Ferrari of the zodiac and it doesn't get any better than us! Lots of love and best wishes xxx

  4. Hi
    My daughter's a Virgo and I think that the way her life is currently, she'll find your blog interesting. So I have forwarded a link to her.
    I found it interesting too . Keep it up and keep posting great things.

  5. Hi Michelle I am looking forward to reading your blog posts.


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